Using the contextual redefinition strategy to improve students’ ability of guessing the meaning of unknown words

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Author: Araceli Arias (2017).
In this action research, the use of the “contextual redefinition strategy” was explored to address how insufficient vocabulary knowledge hindered students’ efficient performance of language learning. The participants were a beginner group of 10
th graders from a school. The action plan was implemented during four weeks whereby students were taught the most basic parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs), some morphological analysis (root words and affixes), how to use a bilingual dictionary, and some types of contextual clues. Data was collected through a pre and post-test, a short survey, and samples of students’ work. The results showed that the students did improved their ability to guess the meaning of unknown words from their context, hence their perception of their own ability changed.

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Carrera Inglés PUCV,
23 may. 2018 14:19