Training ELT Pre-service Teachers to Teach Vocabulary to Young Learners with and without Special Educational Needs

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Author: Ximena Ibaceta Quijanes (2016).

This graduation project seeks to train pre-service teachers on how to design L2 vocabulary lessons for young learners with and without intellectual or learning disabilities. According to the standards for English Language Teaching programs in Chile, teachers of English as a Foreign Language should know strategies to work towards an inclusive classroom so no child is left behind, however pre-service teachers have declared not feeling confident and properly trained to do so. In this graduation project, the focus is on three strategies to teach vocabulary inclusively to young learners: Universal design for learning (UDL), guided visual vocabulary practice (GVVP), and multisensory approach. To do so, the syllabus is designed so pre-service teachers get acquainted with, experience, and implement the different strategies at the moment of creating activities that work for an inclusive lesson plan.

Keywords: Inclusion, intellectual disability, learning difficulty, vocabulary learning.

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17 abr. 2018 10:50