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Using interactive listening strategies to compensate for comprehension and communication breakdowns

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Author: Giannina del Río (2017).
This action research sought to explore ways of helping students compensate communication breakdowns through the teaching of interactive listening strategies. The participants were a group of 10th graders from The Wizard School in Viña del Mar. Students were expected to orally use backward and forward orientation strategies in small discussions/conversations about their own and famous people’s past habits. Four data collection instruments were implemented: a three-minute recording of the students’ conversation, a rubric to assess the recording, a pre and post-intervention survey and the teacher’s observation notes. The results show that explicit instruction of interactive listening strategies does help students compensate for comprehension and communication breakdowns.
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Using the contextual redefinition strategy to improve students’ ability of guessing the meaning of unknown words

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Author: Araceli Arias (2017).
In this action research, the use of the “contextual redefinition strategy” was explored to address how insufficient vocabulary knowledge hindered students’ efficient performance of language learning. The participants were a beginner group of 10
th graders from a school. The action plan was implemented during four weeks whereby students were taught the most basic parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs), some morphological analysis (root words and affixes), how to use a bilingual dictionary, and some types of contextual clues. Data was collected through a pre and post-test, a short survey, and samples of students’ work. The results showed that the students did improved their ability to guess the meaning of unknown words from their context, hence their perception of their own ability changed.

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Promoting intrinsic motivation among learners to diminish their need for an external reward

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Author: Pablo Tapia Carrasco (2017).

This action research sought to explore ways of promoting intrinsic motivation among students to diminish their need of an extrinsic reward. The participants were a group of 9th graders. The action plan followed a four-lesson process that culminated in a final evaluated and graded task: the creation of a poster that includes all the vocabulary and content covered during the unit sports and likes and dislikes. Data was collected through exit tickets, an assessment rubric, observation notes, mentor’s feedback, audio recordings, and a teacher’s journal. Although the results are inconclusive, there is evidence of improvement on the students’ general motivation for the class and the features involved.

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Training ELT Pre-service Teachers to Teach Vocabulary to Young Learners with and without Special Educational Needs

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Author: Ximena Ibaceta Quijanes (2016).

This graduation project seeks to train pre-service teachers on how to design L2 vocabulary lessons for young learners with and without intellectual or learning disabilities. According to the standards for English Language Teaching programs in Chile, teachers of English as a Foreign Language should know strategies to work towards an inclusive classroom so no child is left behind, however pre-service teachers have declared not feeling confident and properly trained to do so. In this graduation project, the focus is on three strategies to teach vocabulary inclusively to young learners: Universal design for learning (UDL), guided visual vocabulary practice (GVVP), and multisensory approach. To do so, the syllabus is designed so pre-service teachers get acquainted with, experience, and implement the different strategies at the moment of creating activities that work for an inclusive lesson plan.

Keywords: Inclusion, intellectual disability, learning difficulty, vocabulary learning.

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Using Cultural Patterns in SLA to Manage Anxiety

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Author: Mauricio Cuadra Arros (2011).       
This descriptive and exploratory study deals with both the main communicative-related assumptions and the use of culture in a language-learning context as the core to achieve English language learning. This project presents an option for understanding and managing stress and anxiety, especially as an EFL student. 
Key words: culture, anxiety, ICC, the Interactional Model.
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Developing Deeper Reading: An Integration of Grabe and Stoller's and Gallagher's Theories on Reading Comprehension

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Author: Benjamín Cárcamo Morales (2011).       
This study examines two complementary perspectives on reading: Grabe and Stoller's (2002) theory of reading and Gallagher's (2004) model for teaching challenging texts. After discussing the possible implications of combining both perspectives, this work offers a 10-session workshop for teenagers, which focuses on exploring the African American experience. 

Key words: culture, short story, reading, African American, portfolio.
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Go for Valpo: An elective workshop for senior students

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Author: Ximena Nuñez Urbina (2011).       
This study focuses on analyzing Valparaíso as one of the cities tourists in Chile are most interested in. After doing this, a workshop aimed at high school students with an upper intermediate level of English is offered. The goal of this workshop is to develop students' communicative skills so that they can help English-speaking tourists go about the city of Valparaíso. 
Key words: culture, tourism, immigration, valparaiso, task-based syllabus
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An essential factor in the teaching of English: Cultural awareness

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Author: Gabriela Chacana (2010).       
This work analyzes the importance of teaching American culture in a Chilean classroom. Based on the idea that we live in a globalized and demanding world, this 12-session workshop offers an opportunity for the teacher to value and promote reflection and understanding of the practices and customs of Americans in the students.
Key words: culture, cultural awareness, cultural diversity, American holidays, American values.
Library barcode: CHA 370.117

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A meaningful approach to poetry: Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

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Author: Aldo Mauricio Ibaceta Peña (2009).       
This study explores the importance and benefits of teaching poetry in the EFL classroom in order to apply them in a course proposal. This course consists on students’ careful learning, reading, and discussing of ideas in the context of 19th century American poets Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. For all these purposes, students will have the chance to study and work on the main concepts of poetry as well as socio-cultural background that involve both authors’ main works Leaves of Grass and Selected Poems, respectively. 
Key words: Dickinson, Whitman, poetry, poems, literature
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The taming of the shrew: Shakespeare back to school

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Author: Javiera Paz Núñez Castañeda (2009).      
This work describes and discusses important concepts related to drama and the role of teaching literature in the EFL classroom. One of the main aims of this project is to make literature accessible to students, to show them that it presents people who feel and think as they do and that according to their personal experiences they can feel identified by one or another character. This aim is reached through the reading, analyzing, and performing of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.
Key words: Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, comedy, play, drama, critical thinking.
Library barcode: NUÑ 822.9

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