Recursos de enseñanza


American English Pronunciation: Lots of practice on different, difficult phonetic aspects of the English language.

Cambridge phonetics: Interactive website that, through a series of different games, will help you develop your listening comprehension.

Evaeaston: Learn about distinguishing features of the American accent.

Foneticks: work on differentiating and producing different English accents.

Indianchild-Tonguetwisters: Tongue twister poems, tongue twister games, and animated tongue twisters!

Oddcast: Write a sentence and have it pronounced by a native speaker of the country of your choice! Great for improving speaking and listening skills!

Sheep or Ship: Practice minimal pairs’ pronunciation as well as the visual identification of some phonemes.

SongsforTeaching: A complete source for educational music. Songs for teaching science, mathematics and more!


Australianetwork: Australia’s international television service, which you can use to practice and improve your listening skills.

BBC Tweenies Story Time: Interactive stories you can listen to while watching their corresponding videos.

English Listening Lounge: Audio files accompanied by transcripts, study guides and key information about listening comprehension development.

Everyday English in Conversation: Materials to improve your knowledge of idiomatic and everyday expressions. Conversations are accompanied by comprehension exercises.

ESLpods: A collection of different podcasts with their corresponding learning guides. Most of the podcasts on this website are aimed to students with an intermediate level of English.

Light Up your Brain: Free audio stories for kids. Find games that may make your classes more entertaining for young learners.

National Public Radio: Improve your listening skills by listening to NPR news and documentaries. Audio files as well as transcripts can be downloaded and adapted as class materials.

Randall’s Cyber Listening Lab: Audio and video files classified by their level of complexity. Audio files come together with scripts and additional help options.