Recursos de enseñanza


Aesop’s Fables: Aesop’s fables in English that be can read online or printed out to take to class. Free reading comprehension worksheets and additional information on how to tackle writing.

ESL Reading texts and pre, while and post reading exercises. This website also includes exercises to improve the other three skills (listening, writing and speaking).

Newsweek: This is the second largest week magazine in the U.S. This might be a good choice for people interested in politics and entertainment.

Riddles-azdkids: Riddles and other entertaining games to use in ESL/ EFL settings.

Riddles-Teacherneedhelp: Riddles and other materials mainly related to reading comprehension.

Rong-Chang: 100 free short English stories for ESL learners that include reading comprehension exercises and other activities to help you develop your reading comprehension skills.

Sampa: A hilarious blog with materials to discuss imperfect parenting and other issues.

Stonesoup: Leading USA magazine in the children’s magazine industry. Wonderful to be used in the ESL classroom to motivate and stimulate kids to read, write and value art.

Stories for Kids: Stories read by native speakers and illustrated with pictures.

The corpus of contemporary America English: This corpus contains more than 425 million words of text and it is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts. It includes 20 million words each year from 1990-2011.

Time Magazine: The world’s largest weekly news magazine online.

U.S.News: Find current issues to do with politics, economy, health and education in the USA and worldwide.


Babylon: This is a dictionary and translation software, which you can download for free. However, in order to get more advanced versions of this software, you have to pay.

Dictionary: An online dictionary and thesaurus that also offers crossword games and some interesting articles.

ESL Isabel Perez: Lots of reading and writing activities. Among these activities, you will find some to do on a word processor and other ones to do online.

Grammar Slammer: This website contains a list of the most common mistakes when writing in English as well as a list of different rules that will help you improve your writing.

Merriam-Webster dictionary: An online dictionary and thesaurus. It also includes the option to look up medical terms.

Swise English: This website will take you through some of the fundamentals of writing in English. Furthermore, in the other sections, you can see some information and get some practice on the other skills.

The Internet Picture Dictionary: An online Pictionary great for creating your own flashcards and motivating your young students to acquire new vocabulary.

The Teacher’s Corner: Writing prompts classified according to the month they are more likely to be used.

WebEnglishTeacher: Information about some distinctive features of writing. Furthermore, you can find articles on creative writing, nonfiction writing, etc. Other sections of this website offer information on grammar, journalism and other interested topics.

Writer’s Digest: Writing prompts to get you or your students writing. This website also includes a searcher in case you want to find writing prompts related to a specific topic.