Recursos de enseñanza

Materials for the teacher of English (lesson plans, worksheets, etc.)

ABC Teach: ESL audios, ESL fairy tales, ESL flash cards, ESL games, ESL pronunciation practice, ESL grammar practice . . . and more! 

Adele’s ESL Corner: Listening, vocabulary and grammar exercises for students of different levels. 

Breaking News English: ESL lesson plans for some interesting piece of news in English. These lessons include activities that will help you exploit the texts. provides over 16,000 free printable materials for English teachers, including worksheets, detailed lesson plans and in-depth articles.

English Download e-books, audio books and worksheets to prepare for ESOL examinations and the TOEFL. 

ESLCafe: On this website, you can find lots of materials for ESL teachers (ideas, activities, etc. and lots of practice for students (grammar, pronunciation, slang, etc.). If you are interested in getting in contact with teachers from different parts of the world, you may find the forums on this website very useful! 

ESLGold: Materials for practicing all four English skills, business English, and vocabulary. Moreover, you can also find on this website, interesting articles related to teaching English. 

Go4English: Podcasts, articles, grammar & vocabulary exercises. You can also register and participate contributing to the site and interacting with other learners. 

Hot potatoes: The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. 

LanternFish: Free worksheets and lesson plans organized into different topics (Halloween, alphabet, etc.). 

Learn American English: A very complete free program for improving English. There are many activities and video lessons you can use either to learn more about the second language or to bring some variety in your own lessons. 

Learn English Anywhere: Fun English lessons. You have to pay for many of the lessons, but there are some for free you should definitely check out! 

Pearson Longman: Different lesson plans, activities, and worksheets divided into types of learners (kids, teens, business, etc.). It also includes some dictionary skills practice. 

Ressources pour le ecole primarie: French website where EFL resources are listed by topic. Part of the website is on French, but you may move around easily even though you do not know much about French. 

Rubistar: Website designed to create your own rubrics or to edit predesigned ones according to your interests. 

Sites for Teachers: A website through which you can find more ESL related websites. If you have time to explore the web and find some interesting websites, give it a try! 

The EFL Playhouse: This website offers lots of resources, such as tongue twisters, lesson plans, printable materials, games, and more. It is perfect for young English teachers who are starting to get familiar with the different existing ESL activities for young language learner. 

Units: Units with exercises, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension exercises for beginners. 

Using Free lesson plans and worksheets for ESL teachers. This website also includes quizzes and handouts.


Building Blocks of a Webquest: Take a look and find some ideas ad examples about how to use WebQuests.

Teacher WebQuest Template: A great website for the ones starting to getting familiarized with WebQuests. It will guide you and give you some tips about the creation of WebQuests.

WebQuests collection: Check out some interesting WebQuests in English and Spanish.

WebQuest Evaluation: A template through which you can evaluate your own WebQuest.

Webquest Process Checklist: A checklist you can use to look at your own project in order to evaluate it.

WebQuests Templates: Templates that will help you get started creating your WebQuest


Avatarlanguages: one-to-one lessons in English through the use of programs, such as Skype and Second Life. For most of the benefits you may get out of this website, you need to pay.

Blogs in plain English: A YouTube video that will help you understand what blogs are all about.

Blogspot: Do you feel like blogging? Through this website you can create your own blog! All you need is your e-mail account.

Email Projects: Website created as a means for people to collaborate worldwide. Through this website students or teachers can interact with other non-native speakers who want to master the English language, and create projects together.

Epals: Access information and products by Epals, one of the leading educational technology companies in the world. This platform provides digital content designed for collaboration and self-paced, self-directed learning.

SchoolsOnline (Britishcouncil): register your school, join teacher forums, and interact and collaborate with other teachers to improve ESL teaching around the world.

Second Life: An online interactive world. Participating may help you get familiar with the English language while having a lot of fun. It is for free although you need to pay to get some extra options.

Sosblogs: Create a free blog or a free multi blog (a blog wherein many blogs can be created).