ESPG: Teaching and learning through genres

Author: Rocio Isabel Rivera Cid 

Year: 2009 

Title: ESPG: Teaching and learning through genres 

Summary: This descriptive and explanatory work seeks to describe what has been studied so far regarding ESPG theory and its possible instruction value: and to propose a possible undergraduate-level application in Technical-Professional schools where students become part of distinctive discourse communities depending on their grade choices in 3rd and 4th grade of Secondary Education. In order to go smoothly from theory to practice, this work is divided into four parts. The first section corresponds to the theoretical framework which supports the instructional option: the second section corresponds to the pedagogical proposal which is developed through two WebQuests; the third section corresponds to the appendices where important information about the project can be found; and the fourth section corresponds to the conclusions drawn from this work. 

Key words: webquests, ESPG, genre, Technical-Professional, ESP. 

Library barcode: RIV 428.8