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Sebastián Olivares, estudiante en el extranjero

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 8 abr. 2013 11:27 por Carrera Inglés
"Being part of the TESOL program at PUCV has provided me with significant experience to success as a prospective teacher of English. At the very beginning of my program I felt I had chosen the best Institution of the country since the teachers has always endeavored to help their students to progress. This is just my junior year and I've already been able to participate as a speaker in a Congress. Furthermore; thanks to my teachers' support and the university environment, at this moment I find myself doing a semester abroad at RMIT University in Australia,where 2 of my courses include a professional practice. "Inglés PUCV" gave me the tools I needed to quickly catch up with my Australian classmates and make the most of my time here."