Yes, you can!

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Yes, you can! Why you can determine for yourself which technologies to use, when, where and how.
No technology carries an inherent, measurable and generalizable effect on learning. Any targeted learning effect can only come from a learning environment as ecology which is being designed in a methodological way for a specific context. The role of ICT is to contribute to the overall goal of this learning environment and will, by definition, be different depending on the context.

This opening statement as ‘ecological paradigm shift’ sets the tone for a presentation in which Jozef Colpaert will explain how practitioners can determine for themselves - in a justifiable way - which technologies to use, when, where, why and how.

Different approaches and hypes regarding technology in the language learning process will be briefly discussed before embarking on Educational Engineering as novel instructional design model. Jozef Colpaert will highlight the main tenets this model is built upon before presenting its actual design in more detail.
He will then explain why we should focus on the design process – and not so much on the product, why existing instructional models are perfectly compatible with Educational Engineering, why learning environments should not be evaluated in terms of features, why ICT-related treatment-analysis experiments may be less useful, and how Educational Engineering can help teachers turn their daily work into research.

Jozef Colpaert teaches Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor and Francis) and organizer of the International CALL Research Conferences. He is currently working on the empirical and theoretical validation of Educational Engineering, a novel instructional design model and research method (