Principal Fellow from Warwick University, Russell Stannard, visits the PUCV.

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Russell Stannard is a Principal teaching fellow at the University of Warwick. He trains teachers/educators to incorporate the use of ICT into their teaching.  Russell has a Masters in Multimedia and Education. He won the Times Higher “Outstanding Imitative in ICT” and the British Council “Innovation Award”. His website has become very well-known around the world and receives around 25,000 visitors a month, mainly teachers.

He writes regularly in several educational journals and magazines as well as in the British national press. He is particularly known for his work on feedback on using technology for providing feedback to students.

Here is a list of the talks/workshops that Russell will give at PUCV:

The Power of Screen casting (2-4 hours)

Audience: Faculty Members only.

Date: Monday August 6th, room C302

Russell is perhaps best known for his work with screen casting. His most recent work has been with an amazing tool called JING which is free on the Internet. He has used this technology in many ways and created enormous publicity for himself in the process. Screen casting can be used to provide feedback to students, it can be used to provide training material or more recently for getting the students to do speaking practice in language classes. Russell has taken these ideas all over the world. You can see some examples of his work here. The whole of Russell’s website is created using screen casting technologies.


Blogging on the Internet (2-3 hours)

Audience: Faculty Members mainly. Open to teaching practice students depending on availability

Date: Friday August 10th, room C302.

What is blogging? How can it be used in education with teachers and students. In this talk/workshop Russell will show you how to blog, how it can be used in education and what some of the benefits are. Russell will demonstrate  Blogger, a common blogging tool and will show how content can be embedded or added to the blog and how you to share your blog and build an audience for it. A great tool to learn if you want your students to keep their own blogs or if the teacher wants to create a class blog that the students can use to access material from the teacher.


Helping our students be more autonomous

Audience: ELT students from ILCL mainly. Open to ILCL teachers and invited guests

Date: Tuesday 7th at 10:00 at Aula Media & Wednesday 8th at10:00.

Russell will run the same session on the second day.

There are many tools and technologies that can help our students to become more autonomous. We can direct them to technologies that we help them to read faster, learn vocabulary, study grammar, play language games and access millions of great recording and content. In this talk Russell will demonstrate and take teachers through a whole range of tools that students will find useful and will encourage autonomy and independent learning.


Understanding Web 2.0 (1-2 hours)

Audience: Alumni, mentor teachers, ILCL teachers, final teaching practice students, invited guests

Date: Thursday 9th at 17:15 at Aula Media.

What is Web 2.0 and just what tools are available on the internet. This talk focuses on some of the easiest and most effective tools that teachers can draw from the internet. These are tools that can help with brainstorming, note taking, collaboration and communication. Many of these tools are free, easy to use and will have an immediate impact on teaching and learning. This is one of the most popular talks/workshops that Russell presents around the globe.