First International Conference on L2 Listening: Challenges teaching and researching listening in L2 contexts

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The First International Conference on L2 Listening: Challenges teaching and researching listening in L2 contexts  (ICLL-2017) was a one-day academic event hosted by the Instituto de Literatura y Ciencias del Lenguaje  on May 18th, 2017. The conference brought together two international keynote speakers and 21 speakers with a keen interest in L2 listening teaching and research. The keynote speakers were Dr. Paul Gruba from the University of Melbourne and Dr. Janaina Cardoso from the Universidad do Estado de Rio de Janeiro. The presenters included four international speakers from Colombia, Peru and Argentina and 19 national speakers, 7 from cities outside the fifth region such as Antofagasta, Puerto Montt, Iquique, Concepción and Santiago, and 8 speakers from the fifth region. A total of 19 papers were presented in four formats: Research and Development, Workshops, Reflective Practice and E-posters.

The conference hosted a total of 105 attendees from which 21 were alumni, 35 were from cities outside the fifth region and 14 were mentor teachers. The conference was sponsored by the Fondecyt Project 11130456, the ILCL, the Unidad de Formación Inicial de Profesores and The Instituto Chileno NorteAmericano de Valparaíso.  The event was chaired by Dr. Mónica S. Cárdenas-Claros and was organized by the Fondecyt 11130456 research team made up by PUCV alumni (Astrid Campos, Jimmy Vera, Luis Alberto Reyes, Daniela Ramírez & Loreto Gutiérrez) and current students from the ELT program (Kimberley Puentes, Carolina González &  Alejandra Toledo). The conference was also supported by scholars from the English and Translation Departments.   

To see pictures of this event visit, click here.

Here some comments from attendee’s and presenters:


 “The 1st International L2 Listening Conference was no less than a historical event: Despite its vast importance, the development of listening skills is a neglected area In foreign language studies. With that point in mind, I was both honoured and humbled by the invitation to deliver a keynote address. The Conference was lively, warm and professional; it will serve to inspire future work in listening, and it set a high standard for future organisers. PUCV, and indeed all sponsors, should be proud of the event

Paul A. Gruba, keynote speaker

The University of Melbourne, Australia


Having attended this First Conference on Listening has been a wonderful experience because it was the first time I was invited to be a presenter in a neighboring and friendly country. Not only was it highly enlightening per se, but it also gave me the chance to learn and exchange points of view about this complex skill with knowledgeable speakers from other countries.

I was also impressed by the importance given to action research, which I think is a reliable way to reflect and focus on problems in the classroom to improve our practice. The university research team was also helpful and paid attention to every single detail in terms of organization of the event itself and timing of talks, which made this conference a successful one

Lourdes Talavera, workshop leader

Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano –Peru


First and foremost, I would like to commend the organizing committee responsible for offering the First Int´l. Conference in L2 Listening (ICLL) at PUCV (Sausalito campus) for having the vision and insight to consider such a topic related to L2 listening comprehension; one of the four major skills in the English language, and the least explored by researchers in the past and to not only have considered papers associated with completed and/ or on-going research in the area of L2 listening comprehension but also the pedagogical reflections and successful practices in this same area, thus allowing myself along with many other committed professionals the unique opportunity to share with others our personal knowledge, expertise and experience for the benefit to all those who attended

David Clap, reflective practice presenter

Universidad Santo Tomás- Chile


Mis felicitaciones al equipo organizador de la 1ra conferencia internacional en L2, Listening Comprehension realizada el 18 de Mayo del presente año, donde por primera vez, no solo a nivel nacional, sino que mundial, se da espacio a trabajar, conocer y compartir experiencias desde el desarrollo a la comprensión auditiva. Como primera instancia se valora que haya sido en la región de Valparaíso ya que, como muchos eventos relacionados a la asignatura, nos permitió a docentes de la zona asistir. También cabe destacar a todo el equipo detrás que permitió que este evento fuese exitoso, en cada momento se mostraron preparados y atentos a resolver dudas, siempre dispuestos a ayudar. Como sugerencia tiene relación a los tiempos otorgados a la realización de los talleres y presentaciones, estos, en mi opinión, fueron muy cortos, los expositores sólo alcanzaron a mostrar parte de su trabajo y faltó tiempo de discusión y reflexión”

Fernanda Díaz,  Profesor Mentor

Colegio Nacional- Chile