Estudiantes y profesores de la Carrera participan en Conferencia IATEFL

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"Los días 22 y 23 de julio se llevó a cabo la IATEFL-Chile XIV International Conference en el Campus Bellavista de la Universidad San Sebastián, Recoleta. El propósito de esta conferencia fue revisar y discutir lo que significa enseñar y aprender comunicativamente, compartiendo nuevas técnicas y teorías relacionadas al Communicative language teaching.

En esta oportunidad, algunos de nuestros profesores y alumnos pudieron ser parte de la conferencia. Entre estos estaban:

- Benjamín Cárcamo – “The Assessment of the Autonomy of Foreign Language Learners”

Malba Barahona & Ximena Ibaceta – “Enhancing collaboration in learning to teach EFL”

- Astrid Campos & Mónica Cardenas – “The listening challenge: helping L2 learners comprehend with transcripts”

Astrid Campos, estudiante de 5º año, cuenta su experiencia:

The IATEFL experience…

Astrid Campos, Jeremy Harmer, Mariangela Sardes, Scott Thornbury y Ximena Ibaceta
The 2016 IATEFL conference was held on July 22nd – 23rd at Universidad San Sebastián-. Campus Bellavista in Santiago This year IATEFL Chile was celebrating its 25th anniversary. On both days more than 650 teachers of English, students, and researchers attended the IATEFL conference to learn and share problems, experiences, strategies, solutions, and activities with the aim of improving our teaching practices and gaining insights from what is being done in our field.

I shared this experience with Ms. Mónica Cárdenas-Claros, my co-presenter in the talk “The listening challenge: helping L2 listeners comprehend with transcripts” and with a team of six recently graduated students (Loreto Gutiérrez, Alberto Reyes, Daniela Ramírez, Paulina Vega, Ximena Ibaceta, and Jimmy Saavedra), and 4 students (Kimberley Puentes , Carolina González, Matias Escobar & Felipe Guerra) from our ELT program.

I can say it was quite motivating and rewarding. For me, being at the IATEFL conference was like being in a different country...English is everywhere.  Personally speaking this conference had a different taste, it was a sort of personal challenge since this time I was a speaker. However, despite the nervousness, I shown the different activities related to our talk and everything went fine. During the rest of the day we enjoyed several presentations and shared ideas with some other teachers whenever the occasion arose. Very well-known ELT scholars led the plenaries such as Scott Thornbury, Jeremy Harmer, Paul Seligson, Lucrecia Prat, and Paula Rebolledo, among others. It was highly interesting and motivating to listen to their conceptions of teaching and learning and to their strategies to help our students take the best out of their learning process. Consequently, I came back looking forward to put into practice several ideas in my future teaching. Finally, I highly recommend students from our program to attend this conference since it contributes to our personal and professional growth.