Estudiantes del Colegio Parroquial San Antonio finalizan con éxito el curso “Assisting L2 listening comprehension through visual support”

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 18 nov. 2016 17:21 por Carrera Inglés PUCV

Thanks to the financial and academic support of the ILCL and of the Initiation into Research project Fondecyt No. 11130456, a group of eleven students from “Colegio Parroquial San Antonio” in Viña del Mar completed the course “Assisting L2 listening comprehension through visual support” in September. The 30-hour course was primarily based on the undergraduate thesis of Daniela Ramirez and previous work presented at IATEFL-Chile 2016.

The study sough to train high school learners of English form an intermediate level on how to use textual support (transcripts and captions) as listening comprehension scaffolds. In the first sessions, students learned how to work with transcripts as part of the pre- while-, and post- listening activities. In the remaining sessions, students worked collaboratively and were exposed to videos that revolved around the topic of Teenager’s issues. Assistance provided through captions was gradually retrieved and learners were presented with full caption support,   moved to sentence-level caption support, then to word-level caption support to finalize with no support at all. 

Students wrote individual reflections on if and how each type of support assisted comprehension. Upon completion of this pedagogical intervention, students participated in a focus group where they stressed the need to transfer this type of pedagogical intervention to their regular lessons as they view listening as a neglected skill and they are not used to interacting with authentic materials. They also noticed how the use of videos on meaningful topics and engaging activities helped them in their listening skills development. 

 The results of this pedagogical intervention and other similar work were shared by Daniela Ramírez, Loreto Gutiérrez & Dr. Mónica S. Cárdenas-Claros in the ACTFL 2016 conference that took place on the second week in November in Boston, USA.