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  • Using interactive listening strategies to compensate for comprehension and communication breakdowns Author: Giannina del Río (2017).This action research sought to explore ways of helping students compensate communication breakdowns through the teaching of interactive listening strategies. The participants were a group ...
    Publicado a las 6 jun. 2018 8:23 por Carrera Inglés PUCV
  • Using the contextual redefinition strategy to improve students’ ability of guessing the meaning of unknown words Author: Araceli Arias (2017).In this action research, the use of the “contextual redefinition strategy” was explored to address how insufficient vocabulary knowledge hindered students’ efficient performance of language learning ...
    Publicado a las 23 may. 2018 14:19 por Carrera Inglés PUCV
  • Promoting intrinsic motivation among learners to diminish their need for an external reward Author: Pablo Tapia Carrasco (2017).This action research sought to explore ways of promoting intrinsic motivation among students to diminish their need of an extrinsic reward. The participants were a ...
    Publicado a las 25 may. 2018 6:16 por Carrera Inglés PUCV
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